Tobacco for cigars

The production of tobacco for cigars is a complex story in which many conditions must be met. Requires a stable tropical climate, constant sunlight, which will give the necessary ultraviolet. Stable weather and humidity. And most importantly - fermentation for up to six months.

All this is difficult to reproduce artificially, which makes us interested in brands that have long been engaged in the manufacture of tobacco for cigars. The most famous varieties:

1) Havana 142 (Havana 142) - an amazing variety in terms of vitality. It can grow even in temperate latitudes. But for such “survivability” you have to pay with taste. It has an average strength.

2) Bravyi 200 (Brave 200) - not much different from the previous variety, except that the plant reaches a height of 3 m. Medium strength.

3) Havana Z992 (Havana Z992) - has an average strength or slightly lower. Grows well in European latitudes.

4) Havana 2000 (Havana 2000) - the name corresponds to the year of publication. Disease resistant variety. Suitable for most buyers.

5) Havana Gold (Havana Gold) - the most popular variety from the Havana line. Cuban taste and strength, nothing more.

6) Pennsylvania Red (Pennsylvania Red) - rich taste and aroma, a well-deserved love of cigar manufacturers around the world.

7) Zimmer Spanish - is interesting primarily for its grape flavor, which diversifies the smoking process. Strong tobacco comes from Havana.

If you notice, most cigar varieties come from Cuba. Ideal climatic conditions and the experience of several generations help Cuban farmers grow the best tobacco in the world.

In the case of cigars, the absolute leader in quality will be tobacco grown on the lands of Vuelto Abajo. No variety grown outside of this unique plantation can compete with tobacco from Vuelto Abajo.

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