Pall Mall Cigarettes - History and Classification

The company was founded by the Butler & Butler Company and the first samples of cigarettes went into production back in 1899. Initially, according to the manufacturer's plans, this premium class product was intended for the elite layer of society.

There are 2 versions about the origin of the name:

1) The brand is named after Pall Mall in London, which during the Victorian era housed many clubs frequented by English gentlemen.

2) In the 17th century, a game using a ball (palla) and a spatula (maleus) was popular.

The brand "Pall Mall" has repeatedly passed to a new owner. The first time this happened was in 1907. The new owner is American Tobacco.

The brand tried and tested design and innovative ideas. In 1939, a format called “king-size” was invented, in which the length of a cigarette should be 84 mm. Subsequently, it becomes a classic size.

The peak of the brand's popularity came in 1960. Then "Pall Mall" becomes the N1 cigarette brand in the United States of America. In those days, gambling advertisements were placed on the packages. This greatly increased sales.

Since 2004, 2 organizations have been manufacturing Pall Mall cigarettes:

1) “R.J. Reynolds Tobacco supplies the US domestic market. An old company established in 1874. It is at this point in time the 2nd largest American manufacturer of cigarettes.

2) "British American Tobacco" exports tobacco products to many countries of the world. This is a large British concern, founded more than a century ago. Produces about 200 cigarette brands, many of which are known worldwide.

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