Marlboro cigarettes and their manufacturer

The owner of the Marlboro cigarette brand is Philip Morris International (PMI), one of the major transnational tobacco companies. Its main office is located in Switzerland in the city of Lausanne.

Not every tobacco manufacturer can boast such a long and interesting success story. When an unknown employee Philip Morris opened the first small tobacco shop on Bond Street in the capital of Great Britain back in 1847, he himself could not imagine how it would all end.

After his death, the company was given the new name Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. Then William Curtis Thomson became the owner. With the help of his business qualities, acquaintances among high-ranking officials, he seeks permission to supply his products to the royal court.

Beginning in 1902, the company has American owners. By the beginning of the twenties, a joint American and English company has a new emblem with a crown.

The most interesting thing is that filter cigarettes were originally created for women. On the wave of emancipation, the owners of the company hoped to make good profits. Their hopes were not justified.

To save the brand, it was necessary to urgently restructure for a different target audience. Men refused to buy women's filtered cigarettes, so they did not want to become objects of ridicule.

The task was given to the best American advertising specialist Leo Burnett - to form a new view of the entire public on filter cigarettes. He coped well with this task. The company took its place in the United States market.

To combat the established stereotype, he used male images representing bold, difficult, courageous professions: military men, sea captains, travelers. But the most successful image, which received the greatest success, was the image of a cowboy beloved by all Americans - the conqueror of the Wild West.

It was a time of great popularity in literature, cinema, on television, stories about brave guys conquering the endless prairies. It remains only to supply them with a revolver. But also a pack of Marlboros.

After the release of the famous film “The Magnificent Seven”, the “Marlboro Man” appeared, which currently personifies Marlboro cigarettes.

In 1961, it received its current name - Philip Morris International began to develop the tobacco markets of other countries. A well-promoted brand, excellent reviews of products, have opened up wide opportunities for developing markets in other countries.

For example, in 1963 the first branch on the European continent was opened. By the early 1970s, Marlboro sold over 113 billion units.

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