History of West cigarettes

West cigarettes were launched in 1981 by the German tobacco factory Reemtsma International. Remarkably, the brand was originally sold only in company stores. But, as experts say, thanks to a competent pricing policy and well-organized advertising, West quickly took a leading position in the German market. So by 1987, these cigarettes were already sold everywhere, from gas stations to supermarkets.

By the late 1980s, the company was renamed West Park Tobacco Inc. and began active distribution to the market of Central and Eastern Europe. In 1989, the blenders of the plant launched the West Lights variety, which was demanded by new markets and competition from the tobacco giants.

By July 1995, West was in the top three in the German market, and thanks to the coverage of the European market, the share of production increased from 10% to 39%, which is a very high figure.

In Russia, sales of West began in 1997, initially cigarettes were available in two versions (Full Flavor and Lights) with a classic filter. The advertising slogans of the Russian company were the same as in Europe a year earlier - "Taste Now" and "Power Now".

In 1999, the company used a rather provocative advertising campaign to promote the brand. In the plots of advertising, the characters find themselves in intriguing and unconventional situations: for example, a girl confesses to a priest and smokes with him. The slogan of the campaign is "Equality for all". According to statistics, sales of West cigarettes, during this period of time, rose by 11%. Experts say it's all thanks to a new ad involving a "rebellious" generation of youth.

In July 1999 West opened its doors to the UK market for cigarettes.

By the way, a little-known fact - the Streamtec filter, modifications of which are now found in different brands, was originally developed by specialists from West Park Tobacco Inc., specifically for cigarettes sold on the Russian market, in order to strengthen their position. Let me remind you that the Streamtec filter is a double filter, where half is an ordinary acetate filter, and the other half is an empty sleeve, but filled with a paper divider, in the manner of a propeller.

In the early 2000s, West Park Tobacco Inc. did not pass the bowl of most independent tobacco factories and was sold to the Imperial Tobacco tobacco corporation, which benefited the brand. for promotion to the markets of other countries continued, and new varieties were not long in coming.

So in 2002 West entered the African market, and in 2004 - China.

In 2009, again in the division of the Russian segment of the market, both new formats and varieties were introduced. These are West Tri Logic with low tar and nicotine content and West Fusion - standard length cigarettes (85 mm) in Super Slims format. A year later, West Compact was released in the Queen format and West Duo in the classic format with a menthol capsule.

In 2010, Imperial Tobacco announced a redesign of the brand to be more modern and smoker friendly.

And in conclusion, the creators of the brand quite sensitively perceived the fluctuations of the tobacco market and periodically "spurred" both their fans and newcomers with well-thought-out companies, the so-called "special editions" cigarettes - ordinary cigarettes but in different designs dedicated to various events. The value of such publications is their rarity, for they were issued for a rather limited time.

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