History of LM cigarettes

In the middle of the last century in Europe and the USA, with the development of such famous cigarettes as Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Winston and Camel, little competed on an equal footing. Yet there were competitive companies with innovations in tobacco products. Among them is the Ligget and Myers Company, a company that was formed in 1849 and named after the founding fathers.

The idea generators at the tobacco company Ligget and Myers Company have been experimenting with the flavors and unique looks of their products for a long time. There were adherents of these products, in the plans of the company there was a strong desire to gain a foothold in society even more firmly.

Only in 1953, after a century of creative ideas and hardships, did the L&M brand emerge.

Serial production in 1953 was accompanied by increased consumer attention. The explanation lay in significant things:

- “Screaming” advertising slogans about the uniqueness of the manufactured products (with this part, all the great cigarette manufacturers have never had any special problems);

- Minimalist pack design. Only 2 letters flaunted on green, blue, blue and red backgrounds. A strict approach, evidence of simplicity and understandability for any audience, was lacking in other manufacturing companies that made gigantic efforts in the field of aesthetics;

- White filters. The usual “orange yellowness” at the base of the paper cylinders has a color rival;

- Low cost;

- Original taste qualities.

Step number one. Ready! In the foreseeable future - the struggle for the interests of people. Sometimes fruitful, sometimes unsuccessful, to come up with impeccable tactics aimed at increasing demand is a difficult task. The brand has not become an incomparable leader, but this title is beyond reality: tastes differ.

In 1999, "Ligget and Myers Company" became part of the titanium Philip Morris Companies Inc. From now on, 2 opponents are one company.

The popularity of L&M brand cigarettes, thanks to the unification that took place, became more extensive, because representatives of smokers from the USSR gradually began to notice it. In 2005, fundamental changes took place. In the race for money, Philip Morris Companies Inc. Begins to forget about the quality of raw materials.

After 2005, adherents abound, their ranks have dwindled. The second blow for connoisseurs was the change in 2007 of the tobacco blend and the transition to a triple filter.

Cigarettes began to taste bitter and actively cause coughing fits. The final minor change happened in 2016: a change in the appearance of the pack and its elements.

L&M currently tops the top three global brands, which include Marlboro and Winston.

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