History of ESSE cigarettes

Tobacco addiction covers not only men, but also the beautiful half of humanity. Esse cigarettes are popular among women, the types of which are famous for their diversity.

This brand of tobacco is one of the youngest on the world market among tobacco products. It appeared only in 1996 in South Korea. Today, Esse cigarettes are owned by the Korean tobacco company Korea Tobacco & Ginseng. A funny fact is that the production of cigarettes was launched at a time when the future tobacco giant was a state monopoly. So the success of the brand is to thank the Korean government agencies.

The brand began to gain popularity quite quickly, so that by 2006, sales of new Korean cigarettes had doubled. This brand of tobacco products today focuses mainly on Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe. In the domestic Korean market, their popularity is much lower, and Esse is generally prohibited from being supplied to the USA.

In its products, the Korean company uses elite types of tobacco from around the world. But most cigarettes are made from our own crops. This approach ensures a constant two-year supply of quality raw materials. Even some of the larger tobacco manufacturers cannot afford this.

KT&G products have been known all over the world since the last century, the diversity of the assortment is surprising. The most successful of the produced brands is definitely Esse. With the growing popularity of Essay types, their number also increased. Varieties with different aromas have appeared. The manufacturer takes bold, original decisions in the manufacture of its products, introducing mixed flavors and unusual new flavors.

The main indicators of the strength of cigarettes are the content of nicotine and nicotine tar. In the Esse family, such components are minimized. This emphasizes belonging to tobacco products for women. The range of nicotine use is 0.25-0.65mg. Nicotine gum can be in the range of 2.5-7 mg.

Korea Tomorrow & Global is constantly trying to create not only new types of Esse family tobacco products, but also to improve and diversify their quality. The intensity of the expansion of the sphere of influence of the Korean company in the tobacco market can be envied by recognized world leaders.

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