History of Bond cigarettes

Bond cigarettes. Royal favorites.

In fact, Bond cigarettes, of course, have nothing to do with agent 007. If only because, judging by the marketing legend, the brand appeared in 1902, and Ian Fleming invented his killer in the name of the queen only in 1953. So where did they come from those cigarettes? There are quite a few myths in the rather meager history of Bond, which we will now try to figure out. So, the beginning of the last century. Cigarettes are not yet ubiquitous.

According to legend, Bond cigarettes were born thanks to the direct participation of the English ruling house. Allegedly, the then acting King Albert, or, if you follow the protocol, Edward Albert Christian Gerg Andrew Patrick David Windsor, by his decree allocated Philip Morris (namely, his company owned Bond), whose products he preferred, a place for a tobacco shop. And not just anywhere, but on Bond Street itself. The street where the most expensive and prestigious boutiques are still located in London. Hence the name of the new cigarettes. True, the fact that at that moment King Albert was only eight years old makes it difficult to fully believe in this story. He was born only in 1894 and could hardly have made any decisions in 1902.

Bond cigarettes - a boring story.

Perhaps, if we compare the history of the development of the Bond Street brand with other brands of cigarettes, it will seem too gray and calm. There were no clever marketing moves, as in the case of promoting Camel, or buying up movie and radio stars, as Chesterfield advertisers liked to do. Everything is very decent. Maybe this is due to the fact that Bond has always been aimed at an audience with an average income and did not climb to compete with the premium class. That is, they moved to the masses purely due to a reasonable combination of quality and price. Or maybe the answer lies in the history of the brand itself.

Bond cigarettes, then called Old Bond Street ("old Bond Street" in Russian), were born at the beginning of the 20th century and quickly gained popularity among the London public. True, the Morris family itself (the founding father went to heaven at the end of the 19th century) did not have time to enjoy the fruits of the nicotine trade. In 1919, enterprising Americans noticed their company, and a new corporation with a similar name was already registered in Virginia. In memory of the British past, only the coat of arms with the royal crown remained, which can still be found on the packs of Philip Morris International products today. And this corporation had brands more important than Bond - for example, the famous Marlboro.

Bond Cigarettes - Silent Leader.

While the "big" nicotine brands met in bloody fights, bribed doctors and petty scolding with black PR, Bond Street, with the slow persistence of a wounded terminator, conquered world markets. And here the middle price segment played into the hands of the brand. Suppose another iron curtain collapsed. Somewhere in China. Usually, the bulk of the population, although it is eager to become addicted to capitalist tobacco values, still does not have enough funds for this. A dollar for a pack of the same Camel somehow, you know, is not always affordable not only for a cycle rickshaw, but also for a simple middle manager. This is where our Bond comes to the rescue.

Stylish, similar to the dream of all Marlboro oppressed by totalitarian regimes, a tutu. Large inscription in a foreign language. And let's be honest, quite a decent tobacco, albeit not the most evil fortress. It is not surprising that Bond Street stubbornly occupies the leading positions in sales in countries that are commonly referred to a little disparagingly as “developing” countries, and which, whatever one may say, our Russia belongs to. And confirmation of this is the domestic “tobacco rating”. Winston is firmly in first place, followed immediately by L&M and Kent. Our Bond Street occupies an honorable fourth place in popularity among Russians, overtaking Marlboro and Alliance from the lower price league. Such a quiet worker of nicotine and hydrocyanic acid.

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