Cigarettes NEXT and the history of the brand

The tobacco factory is owned by Philip Morris International, an international tobacco giant. Therefore, without constructing an algorithm for the emergence of PMI, it is impossible to understand the process of emergence of the considered brand of tobacco products.

Education Philip Morris

The company is named after the founder, Philip Morris, who opened a point of sale of tobacco products in London in 1847 - a store on Bond Street. Philip Morris & Company and Grunebaum was founded in 1881, then renamed Philip Morris & Co.

And in 1902, thanks to the efforts of Gustav Eckmeyer, it was framed in New York. In 1919, the US company was acquired by American shareholders and registered in Virginia, which allowed it to develop full-scale production in Richmond. In the same place, in 1924, the Marlboro brand, which became famous, was also released.

The status of an international division was obtained by Philip Morris Overseas in 1954, and in the early seventies it was renamed Philip Morris International. Which expanded the sales markets and the possibility of creating branches in different parts of the world.

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