If we talk about the types of tobacco used in cigarettes, then there are no specific parameters here. Many varieties and varieties of tobacco are used, depending on the brand and cost of the product.

For the production of cigarettes, several varieties are mixed, for example: Virginia, Burley, Oriental and others. Tobacco leaves, from which the rough, tasteless middle has been cut out, are soaked in special flavorings and end up in silage. By the way, the middle is not thrown away, but added to the leaves, which reduces the concentration of tar and nicotine. In addition, it reduces production costs and, consequently, the final price of the product.

The use of one type of tobacco is possible only in the manufacture of self-rolling cigarettes at home.

In the world of self-rolling, everything is much more interesting, here are some of the most famous and common varieties:

1) Virginia (Virginia) - perhaps the most popular variety in the world. Fragrant and sweet due to its sugar content. The leaves have a yellow-orange color, for which the variety was nicknamed "sunny". Most often, there are two types of "Virginia" on sale - dark and light. They differ in that the light version is soaked in various sauces, and also has a lower strength than the dark version.

2) Burley (Barley, Burley) - has a nutty taste. The variety has little sugar, and more nicotine than Virginia. In production, Burley has to be sweetened so that excessive bitterness does not spoil the taste. Dense and dry, but at the same time fragrant variety. At thematic exhibitions, he repeatedly took awards as the best tobacco for rolling cigarettes.

3) Kentucky (Kentucky, Kentucky) - the twin brother of Burley, they differ in the way they are processed. Burghley goes through the "air" and Kentucky - "fiery". As a result, Kentucky acquires a specific taste and high nicotine content. Manufacturers of tobacco blends do not add more than 1/5 of the total mass. In its pure form, it is used by connoisseurs of really strong smoking.

4) Oriental (Oriental) - originally from the Mediterranean. European producers tried to duplicate this variety, but without a specific climate, only a pitiful semblance was obtained. It has a sweet and sour taste and an “oriental” aroma. Suitable for lovers of fragrant and tasty varieties.

5) Latakia (Latakia, Latakia) is a variety unique in every sense. Produced only in Cyprus, dried over a fire that uses cypress or milta. Latakia is a unique taste, strength and aroma of the tropics.

6) Perique (Perik) - the strongest tobacco. Has a specific aroma. Receives either sharply negative or sharply positive ratings. It is highly recommended to try before buying this variety.

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