About Perique tobacco

Perique's story began in St. James County, Louisiana. The Indians who lived in this territory stacked dense packets of tobacco leaves in hollow hollowed logs and pressed them with large stones. Having adopted the experience of the Indians, the settlers began to cook Perik and for some families it became a business, the secrets of which were changed and improved from generation to generation.

We can say that Perique is an offshoot of the Burley variety, to some extent its variety. However, this is still not quite the Burley that we are used to seeing in our favorite tobacco blends. This is an expensive tobacco from the United States with a specific aroma and spicy taste. Because of its taste characteristics, it receives either absolutely positive or sharply negative reviews.

This tobacco is fermented according to the old Indian method, and dried in the open air. In its pure form, the variety, as a rule, is not smoked due to its high strength, but is added to various blends to spice up the taste and increase the strength.

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