About Latakia Tobacco

Latakia comes from the Syrian city of the same name, from where this tobacco was once brought to Europe.

Latakia is grown only in the northern part of Syria and Cyprus, and therefore tobacco is expensive. Latakia is dark brown, almost black, and one of those rare tobacco varieties that can use both the leaves and stems.

Latakia gives tobacco blends a very strong, intense taste. Latakia gets its final form thanks to Dark Fired: a tobacco leaf is smoked over a fire. Due to the specifics of preparation, the color of tobacco becomes black, so it is very difficult to confuse the variety with other varieties. Moreover, smoking takes place on wood from cypress or milta, which adds a bouquet of unique aromas to the final product.

Sometimes a portion of Latakia in the mixture can reach fifty percent of the total mass. You can smoke latakia in its pure form.

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