About Burley tobacco

In terms of content in mixtures, Burley ranks second. Grow it in Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, Mexico and other areas.

Burley tobaccos are completely free of natural sugars. Tobacco leaves have a color from light yellow-green to golden brown, and the smell is very soft, fragrant, slightly chocolate. Burley has a unique ability to "bind" the flavors of different tobaccos and is therefore indispensable in flavored blends. It can be said that Burley tobaccos are more intense in taste than Virginia tobaccos. Due to the stronger nature of Burley, it is dried for a month without direct sunlight.

Its taste, unlike the smell, is quite strong, dense and dry. This can be changed by "roasting" tobacco at high temperatures on large copper sheets. At the same time, the finest nuances of aroma come to the fore, the strength decreases, the taste smoothes out and becomes almost nutty. By the way, similar procedures are performed to obtain new taste nuances of coffee.

The variety perfectly absorbs odors after fermentation, so immediately after drying it is supplemented with natural shock absorbers.

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